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In Memoriam
Robin Wood


Editorial Collective

Scott Forsyth
Florence Jacobowitz
Richard Lippe
Susan Morrison


Magazine Design
Debi De Santis

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CineAction is published three times a year by the CineAction Collective

CineAction has been publishing continuously since 1985. We feature essays and reviews by film critics and scholars and we cover a wide range of filmmaking – classic and contemporary popular film, third world cinema, political documentary and experimental film and video. Based in Toronto, we often focus on Canada and Quebec cinema, but also look at films all over the world, from Asia to Hollywood.

CineAction has become the leading film studies journal in Canada and well known around the world. Articles from the magazine have been published in numerous book collections and our contributors include many of the best known film experts from Canada, the United States, the UK and throughout the world.

The editorial collective of CineAction were all part of the founding of the magazine. We began with the goal of publishing "radical film criticism." We wanted to write and publish film criticism that related to progressive political commitment – to socialism, to feminism, to gay liberation, to anti-racism and, for some of us, to Marxism. More than 20 years later, the magazine maintains the spirit of that radical mission.

We also began with a common antagonism, from different perspectives, to then reigning theoretical orthodoxies in academic film studies. The academic terrain has changed but we still publish accessible film criticism that bridges the gap between film journalism and jargon-filled Theory.

CineAction is published by a non-profit corporation. We are funded by subscription and newsstand revenues and by annual grants for periodicals from the Canada Council.

CineAction is published three times a year. Each issue is edited by one or two members of the editorial collective on a rotation basis. Each issue features a particular theme or subject and there will be a call for submissions circulated on various listserves as well as on this website.

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