“The New Film Studies and the Decline of Critique,” Richard Rushton
“The Horror, Piglet, The Horror: Found Footage, Mashups, The Avant-Garde, and the Strange Case of Apocalypse Pooh,” Scott Mackenzie
“Towards a Theory of Virtual Pornography,” Kevin Wynter
“Saving the Image: Scale and Duration in Contemporary Art Cinema,” Erika Balsom
“Singing Outside the Frame: The Female Voice in Gigi,” Susan Smith
“The Risk of Ambiguity: Reconsidering Zavattini’s Film Ethics,” Nicholas Balaisis
“Interview: Joan Chen,” Alice Shih
“Notes on a Radical Tradition: Subversive Ideological Applications in the Hammer Horror Films,” Brian Wilson
“Interview: Charles Mudede,” Allan MacInnis
“Once Upon a Time in America: Sergio Leone and the Construction of Myth,” Peter Babiak
Index of CineAction Issues 56 to 71