Mini-Cinema: A Digital Diary for iPod by Catherine Russell
New Media Resistance: Machinima and the Avant-Garde by Elijah Horwatt
The Reality of Dreams: A presentation of L’Ange et la femme (1977) by Peter Harcourt
The Imagined City: Toward a Theory of Urbanity in Canadian Cinema by George Melnyk
Im just a simple filmmaker: An Interview With Michel Brault by Aysegul Koc
From Big Snow to Big Sadness: The Repatriation of Canadian Cultural dentity in the Films of Guy Maddin by John Semley
Being at Home with Roy Dupuis and Pascale Bussires or, Star-Gazing In and Out of Quebec by Peter Dickinson
Michael Haneke: Beyond Compromise by Robin Wood
Voice and Body : Ahead of the Curve and Scouts Are Cancelled by Darrell Varga

And Along Come Tourists; The Counterfeiters by Florence Jacobowitz
Les Bons Films: A Girl Cut in Two and Angel by Richard Lippe
Random Thoughts On and Around the Toronto Film Festival by Robin Wood
My Kid Could Paint That by Susan Morrison