Global Cinema
Slumdog Comprador: Coming To Terms With the Slumdog Phenomenon
by Ajay Gehlawat
Free Films Made Freely: Paolo Gioli and Experimental Filmmaking in Italy
by Patrick Rumble
Screening the Borderland: Transsexualism as Cinematic Metaphor
by Carolyn Kraus
Torture Porn and Bodies Politic
Post-Cold War American Perspectives in Eli Roth’s Hostel and Hostel: Part II
by Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield
The New James Bond: And Globalization Theory, Inside and Out
by Steven W. Thomas
Who Wants To Be A Screenwriter? Script Development in Globalizing India
by Patricia Gruben
Hop on Pop: Jiangshi Films in a Transitional Context
by Stephanie Lam
Canadian Films and TV
Second City or Second Country?
The Question of Canadian Identity in SCTV’s Transcultural Text
by Erin Hanna
It Doesn’t Seem ‘Canadian’
‘Quality Television’ and Canadian-American Co-Productions
by Anita Lam
Still Mining His Winnipeg (An Interview With Guy Madden)
by John Semley