French New Wave: 50 Years by Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
Elia Kazan 1909-2009 A Man in Conflict by Richard Lippe
The Second Wave
Collaboration and the Nouvelle Vague by Adam Bingham
Vive l’Amour by Robin Wood
Contraband: Powell, Pressburger, Veidt, Hobson, Junge and Others
by Tony Williams
Collaborating Agent: Charles Feldman and Clients by Tom Kemper
Body and Soul
John Garfield, Abraham Polonsky and the American Jewish Family
by Stuart Hands
The Biggest Film Biographer in the World
The Films of Ken Russell for the BBC by George Porcari
Cannes Film Festival 2009 by Robert K. Lightning
Trace and Travesty
How The Columbus of Sex Became My Secret Life by Stephen Broomer
Textures of Collaboration
Pop Music Culture and the Experimental Films of Abigail Child and Bill Morrison
by Carolyn Elerding