CineAction n° 98  On Film: 1985-2015

The theme of this issue derives from the fact that in 2015 CineAction will have been publishing articles on film for thirty years. We would like to use this issue to look back on those three decades, with an emphasis on the changes that have taken place during that time. We welcome papers on all aspects of that change. Some possibilities might be the invention of and innovations in digital technologies and their impact on film production and post-production; the proliferation of new platforms for film distribution and reception, from the VCR and PC to Youtube, the iPhone and beyond; the shift from analog to digital in film teaching and education programs, and from print to digital media for film writing and criticism. Topics might include the Industry adaptations and transformations that have occurred, as well as any individuals and/or films that should be singled out as particularly noteworthy and/or transformative.

Papers should be submitted to Susan Morrison, the editor for this issue. The deadline for submission is Jan 1 2016 for a publication date of March 2016. It would be appreciated if a brief proposal be submitted as early as possible as an indication of intention to submit. Contributor guidelines are available here.

Please address all queries and submissions to the issue’s editor:

Susan Morrison
314 Spadina Road
Toronto ON
Canada M5R 2V6

Submissions can be emailed or sent in hard copy directly to the issue’s editor(s).